Your personal trainer in Amstelveen.

Boutique gym in the old village.

Boutique gym in Amstelveen

Your personal trainer in Amstelveen

Our newest boutique gym and 4th BOOSTClubs opened in April 2023 in the historic city center of Amstelveen, near the Amsterdamse Bos. Former top athlete Desire Melchiot, with over 10 years of experience in Personal Training and a career in athletics where she ranked in the top 3 in the Netherlands, passionately runs our 2nd boutique studio. She brings high-end personal training to Amstelveen.

“My passion for finding and maintaining balance in life and sports is immense. I derive great joy from helping my clients feel better in their own skin.

I assist them in finding a balance in their mind, body, and life! As a former top athlete in the world of athletics, I’ve personally experienced how crucial the right balance is.

I’ve also realized firsthand that the right guidance is necessary to achieve your goals. My aim is to let as many people as possible experience that they are capable of much more than they think. That sports don’t have to be boring or dull. With sports, you can achieve a lot: more energy, easier movement, becoming stronger, and so much more.”

At Boutique Gym Amstelveen, we offer the following concepts: Personal Group Training, Life & Performance Coaching, and Personal Training.

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Did you know that our one-on-one check is the best way to determine how fit your brain and body are?

This way, you receive personalized advice on how to unlock your full potential.

During the check, we challenge you in the following areas:

We uncover where you think your limits lie and what the reality is.

After the BOOSTCheck, we discuss the results and have a conversation about your goals and motivation.

Come by and discover how we can help change your mindset so you can feel fitter and healthier than ever before!

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